Cameron Glasgow

Scottish Green Party Candidate 2019 – Parliamentary Assistant – Ecosocialist Activist

In 2017, after recieving my first paycheque in a part-time hospitlaity job I joined the Scottish Green Party. My enviromental intrests have grown from my primary school days when I was facinated by the natural world and the animals, plants and fauna that lived along side us, as much as I enjoyed the scientific side of enviromentalism I never excelled in any science classes at school so my dream of becoming an enviromental scientist were over, so I stuck to what I was good at; Social Sciences. History was my main focus however during the build up of the 2014 Independence Referendum I caught the politics bug and have been drawn in ever since then. In 2015 I joined Greenpeace and began my political trip towards Green Politics. I never really found myself a political home at first, throwing between the Socialist left or the Pro-Indy centre. I knew I wanted to join a party and get involved however I just couldnt find the right match. I was aware of the Green Party of England and Wales thanks to the work of Caroline Lucas MP which is what initially brought me towards the Scottish Greens, following some research and consideration I joined the Scottish Green Party on October 5th 2017, a party that looks out for both our planet and everyone on it.

What I want to achieve;
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions to NET 0 by 2030 and begin to rebuild our climate.
  • Abolish Zero Hour Contracts and remove the differential rates of the minimum wage for under 25’s.
  • Completly Close the Gender Pay Gap.
  • Introduce the free bus pass to under 25’s.
  • Introduce a Universal Basic Income.
  • Abolish the House of Lords and create a new elected chamber.
  • Replace First Past the Post with an Alternative Vote Proporsional system.
  • Re-nationalise the Scottish Rail Network and a establish an integrated public transport system that can service the needs of the people.
  • Outright ban all blood sports including Horse and Hound racing, fox hunting as well as grouse shooting.


  • Put Scotland back at the heart of Europe as an independent nation.
  • Stop any attempts of Scotland joining NATO as an independent nation.
  • Introduce gaelic lessons in all primary schools and increase the overall number of gaelic fluent Scots.
  • Have inclusive education on sexuality, identity and relationships.
  • Lower the voting age for Westminster Elections to 16 and begin research into further reductions of the voting age.
  • Allow people to die with dignity by legalising assisted suicide for terminally ill patients.

These are what I see as crucial issues I would like to tackle in my lifetime. I am continually adding to this list and I am open to ideas to add.

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