Statement: Scottish Family Party Video

This is my final statement on the situation involving the Scottish Family Party.

I have finally managed to upload the full video of the conversation between Richard Lucas and myself, you can find that linked at the bottom of this statement.

As I said earlier in earlier posts I stand by my comments on racism and Islamaphobia in the SFP however these comments haven’t actually seen any knockback from Family Party supporters it was my comments surrounding abortion which has seemed to trigger a lot of hateful comments to come out.

You will notice during the debate when Richard Lucas is bringing up abortion that I am almost lost for words, this is for two reasons: Number One, It is 2020 and still some members of this society are not willing to accept that abortions are the childbearers right as it is their body and they can do what they wish to it, this blows my mind and Number Two I am a man, Richard Lucas is a man, the debate on abortion has nothing to do with either of us. This is the decision of a pregnant person, not that of two men who I presume will never have to carry a fetus inside them for 9 months.

Finally, I want to address the floods of hate comments, emails and posts that have been made following this conversation. I do not care, it only proves my point about the hateful, discriminatory and threatening messages that the party’s policies fuel.

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