Conversation on Racism with Richard Lucas

Last night I sat down for a virtual conversation with Richard Lucas (Leader of the Scottish Family Party) to discuss allegations I made against himself and the Scottish Family Party regarding their video Humza Yousaf, Racism and Islam. The truth which was shown to me as a paid advert on Youtube last week.

Our discussion lasted for just over an hour and once I have the footage I will upload a full uneditied copy of the call and post it out onto my social media pages, so keep an eye out for that. We discussed at length the accusations I made against the SFP’s policies and attitude of normalising and accepting racist and islamaphobic comments on social media platforms as the norm. I continue to stand by the statement I made earlier in the week, the Scottish Family Party (although they do acknowledge that racism is wrong) would refuse to take action against racist hate speech or islamaphobic attacks on members of minority ethnic groups. Instead they would rather hide behind the mask of fighting for freedom of speech and allow these attacks on individuals and communities to continue.

The Scottish Family Party claim to promote ‘family values’ from a mainly Christian perspective however claim to invite Muslims under this banner as well however following conversations I have had with multiple Christians of different denominations as well online discussions with other faiths, not one single person I spoke to believed that these ‘family values’ are that of a Christian or religious perspective and instead a right-wing extremist group who are against progressive equality and want to push their hateful agenda.

Finally, in the conversation we come onto abortion, I refused to debate this with Richard Lucas as I firmly believe that I have no reason to be against abortion of the childbearers right to abort a fetus. It is the decision of the childbearer on what they want to do with their own body, this is not a moral decision but a right of all people. Childbearers should not have to explain or debate with men why they want to abort a child or why they are making the choices to their body that they want to. Men do not control everything and the sooner that some people realize that the better.

To conclude I still believe that the Scottish Family Party hold racist views against ethnic minorities as they would rather ignore racism than take action against it as well as they try to dismiss the career of prominent Muslim politicians simply because they are of a certain faith. If they truly wanted to push a ‘Chrisitan Family Agenda’ then they should start off by fighting for equality of all humanity not pushing an agenda against ethnic minorities and the progressive policies that are attempting to equalise the political theatre, accepting that people can be whoever they want to be and that it is their own personal choice on the sexuality, gender or pronouns and that under no circumstances should we ignore racism, we must fight it head-on and get rid of these hateful and disgusting views from our society.

Cameron Glasgow

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