Vote Young, Vote Radical

Dear Scottish Greens,

Voting in the Scottish Green Party internal elections has begun,

I am asking for your Number One Vote on the ballot for a position as an ordinary member of the Elections and Campaigns Committee for the next year.

I would be greatly honoured to be elected onto our Elections and Campaigns Committee in the year that we will have to work our hardest to protect our seats in parliament but also continue to push the radical Green agenda in regions where we now have a chance to gain seats. The Scottish Green Party has a history of being the radical left-wing voice of the Scottish people, this needs to continue. If elected I want to help drive our party into the 2021 Holyrood campaign as the voice of young people, workers and minorities.

We must continue to ‘lead the change’.

As the youngest Scottish candidate during the 2019 General Election, I had an opportunity to campaign for young people across the country and I want to be that same voice on the committee. We need to revolutionise our party’s policies on issues mainly effecting young people and give those same young people the opportunity to enter the political theatre. We need to work with the Scottish Young Greens to bring policies into the mainstream.

We are leaders on policy to give our young people a future, so let’s give them a future worth fighting for.

So please Vote Young & Vote Radical.
Keep the Greens on the Left.

Cameron Glasgow

Nominated by Ross Greer MSP & Allan Faulds
Elections And Campaigns Committee Ordinary Member Election 2020

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