Statement: Scottish Family Party Racism

On Monday (6th June) I was shown a paid online political advert from the minor right-wing organisation The Scottish Family Party. This advertisement in my eyes was clearly racist and Islamaphobic due to the Title, Description and Content of this video as it attempted to normalise racism online and in society, it picks on a member of an ethinc minority group and attempts to dismay the success made so far by policies aimed at increasing BAME Inclusion in politics. I made a tweet about this video and very quickly received a reply from the official account of the organisation in question who retweeted with a comment claiming my statement was “silly” and “hysterical”, a respectable political party would not use such terms to describe allegations of racism against them.

The party claim that the video in question is not racist nor does it promote white-supremacist views of an Islamaphobic nature however following thoroughly watching and listening to the video numerous times I have concluded that some points made in this video are Islamaphobic according to the Cambridge Dictionary definition.[1]

“Unreasonable dislike or fear of, and prejudice against, Muslims or Islam”

Definition of Islamophobia from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press

I have agreed to speak with Richard Lucas (Leader of the Scottish Family Party) this coming Saturday at 8pm via video call to go over what I believe is racist in this video and will post a full unedited video of the call the following morning as well as a statement regarding the call.

I will not debate racism with Richard Lucas or any other representative of the SFP. Racism is not a debate, it is a choice. I will, however, engage in discussions surrounding the content of this video and what exactly stated is racist.

In the video Richard Lucas states that “It’s just silly talk though, people shouldn’t talk like that, but a lot of people do” in regards to a comment made about Humza Yousaf MSP who was threatened online with his family being shot by a “machine gun”. I firmly believe that it is Scottish Family Party policies that encourage and fuel this behaviour online, disregarding hate speech laws and promoting the public ridiculing of belief systems.[2]

I will comment further on other issues raised in the video during our disscusion this weekend and hope to raise awareness that some of the views raised in this video are Islamabphobic and Racist.

The Scottish Green Party stand firmly against Racism and Islamaphobia however I will not be speaking on behalf of or representing the party in any capacity during this conversation as I am not an elected spokesperson for the SGP.

Cameron Glasgow

  1. Definition of Islamphobia, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, Cambridge University Press©
  2. Defending Freedom,, Scottish Family Party

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