As the youngest Scottish candidate in the 2019 General Election I was privileged to be handed a platform that I could share my beliefs and passions on, I am keen to continue this platform by sharing it just as I did during the election with young people that I personally believe should be in the spotlight as we demand that we are listened too.

This planet, this society, this country will one day be under the protection of today’s youth. It’s about time we had a say in how it was run.

“Cameron Glasgow,… is described by the party as a rising star after getting involved in politics through his concern about the climate crisis, taking part in climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests.”

-Ian Swanson, Edinburgh Evening News, 14/11/2019


15/03/19 Edinburgh Climate Strike

Climate Justice

We only have till 2030 to make radically reduce our global carbon emissions to prevent Climate Change becoming irreversible, we must act now to stop climate breakdown.

06/10/18 AUOB March Edinburgh

Scottish Republicanism

Scotland has the potential to be a progressive European nation, however under the shackles of Westminster this is not possible. We must break away from British Rule to create an Greener and Fairer Scotland.

12/10/19 SGP Conference Inverness

Human Rights & Equality

Everybody should be accepted within society no matter their personal charcteristics, sexuality, religous beliefs or gender identity (or lack there of).

02/03/19 Leith Walk By-Election

Workers Rights

The working class in our society are the foundations of everything, however, they are have beenoverlooked by politicans and parties for decades. Workers Rights must be protected after Brexit and Union Powers strengthened for the future.

12/12/19 Polbeth Polling Station


Politics is a toxic and unforgiving world which can often stall progress, this is why cooperation with parties and organisations on all sides of the political spectrum is important. Cooperation does not – and should not – stop criticism and accountability.

07/04/19 SGP Conference Edinburgh

Pacifism & Peace

There is never a good reason to harm another human, even as an act of revenge or retribution. We must act as a species to maintain world peace for the sake of generations to come and for the planet itself.


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First Green Candidate Since 2005 – Record Green Vote – Building Blocks for 2021